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Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I haven’t been updating much sorry bout that, I will try to keep you up to date more often. My New Years Resolution! 😀

I have some reviews to share, take a look and see the wonder pictures The Mercurial Magpie took of Painted Sabotage polishes! :3

Part one:

Part two:

Have you made a New Years Resolution? 😉


Super Cool Paint Splatter Video!!

A friend of mine showed me this video earlier, it’s really cool! It fits in with my paint splatter logo so well including the nail polish bottles, like it was made just for me!!!! I mean seriously, how often do you get to see paint splatter in slow motion? So I’m sharing it with you!! 😀


Manicure Addict’s review of Gargle Blaster!

Fandom Nails reviews Moonjelly!

Fandom Nails shows off Moonjelly with a great review and amazing pictures! 😀 Check it out here

How about some St. Patrick’s Day nail art! This nail art I did two years ago when I was using NailUtopia, hope you like!

st patricks day hello kitty nail art


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!! Do you have your festive gear?


Meet Greenie In A Bottle!! 😀 It’s now listed on ETSY.

Greenie In A Bottle

My story for this creation! 😉

So there I was sitting under a tree relaxing, enjoying the breeze, when a strange little fellow in all green with a bright orange beard approaches me.  He says to me “lass why are you not scared of me or trying to catch me pot of gold? I say to him I do not need your pot of gold I have mine own thank you. His eyes grow big, he then yells “lies, you have no pot of gold!” So I repeat that indeed I do and I have it hidden in this tiny bottle. The fellow in green stares at the bottle with curiosity and anger all mixed together, he mutters to himself “impossible, can’t be! But I should take a look to make sure”.  He then paces back n forth arguing with himself on whether or not to go into the bottle and look, then he stops all flustered and says “Fine I will see if you are telling me the truth or not, and if you’re not I will turn you into a pint of green beer and “I’ll chug ya down like an Irish Car Bomb!!!! So I open the small bottle slowly with a sparkle in my eye, knowing he didn’t know what I was about to do!


I tell him if you don’t want to look then go on with yourself and leave me be then.  He gives me a perplexing look and says “open the bottle!” So I open the bottle and he jumps in, I quickly close the lid and giggle! He roared so loud I thought the bottle would break “I knew it there is no pot of gold!” Correct I said, there is no pot of gold, just a leprechaun in a bottle. His eyes bulge, his face turns red as a tomato, I tell him if you want out you need to leave pieces of yourself in the bottle, he yells at me “are you daft!!! I will not cut off a piece of myself you’re crazy!!” I explain no silly not like that, I want you to cut some fabric from your jacket, pants and hat so I may have the perfect Irish green. A piece of your snazzy light green shirt and that will bring a sparkle to everyone that sees it.  Empty your pockets of your do dads, trinkets and gold for some twinkling, as well as one of your buckles, who could resist shinies! Finally some clippings of that beautiful orange beard to give it a little bit of spark that you hold deep inside!!! He gives me the strangest look and says “you are one crazy lass!!!” I tell him possibly but I’m not the one in the bottle and wink. I go on to tell him, you are helping me create the perfect polish for St. Patrick’s Day!

Valentine’s Mani

This is my first nail art for Painted Sabotage! I used Zoya Kimber with Seche Vite topcoat then used acrylic paints for the lines, hearts and faces. Hope you like! 😀

my valentine nailart 2013

Also I’ve been slowly working on closing Nail Utopia which is/was my nail art blog, and trying to move things towards Painted Sabotage. Who knew it was so much work!! I still need to move all my nail art over but that I can do that slowly, and try and keep this updated as much as possible. 🙂

Happy New Year!!

My New Years mani. I created two custom nail polishes for my New Years mani for this effect. A black with gold flecks and a holographic gold and silver glitters in different shapes and sizes.

Still deciding on adding these to my shop, if you are interested in these please let me know and I will make a custom order for you! 🙂

Ta for now

YAY holiday theme! :D

Yes I went festive! Also want to share the new pictures my friend Vera took of I Want Candy! They are Beautiful!!! 😀 You can see more on my facebook page Painted Sabotage!

Ta for now! 🙂


Painted Sabotage on WordPress!

Exciting new addition to Painted Sabotage! I have decided that after the holidays I will start merging my nail art blog with my custom nail polish world.  It will be easier for me and hopefully easier for my followers! 🙂 I will combine nail art with updates on new polishes I have created or in the process of creating, so that you can give feed back. This will start slow as I still have so many things I am working on all at once! I hope you will stick around and see how it evolves! 😀
BTW since I am new to WP if you have any suggestions or tips I’d love to hear them!

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


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